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Plastering Wall

Painting Services

All is done at an Elegant level!
Right Decision!

You are in the Perfect place to get a Quote, Design then Renovation Painting

Ashan Star team is always in support to give you a free Guaranteed Quote.

As we understand home color is the main vision of your world,  you can tell us any design color you wish to create, Ashan Star is right there to Paint your home as you dream to live in your colorful world! 

How To Start


Speak to us about your paint plan

To get started, answer some questions about your plans.

We always provide you guaranteed quote

Renovation begins

Choose the date you would love to meet our professional team with materials in front of your door to start your dream renovations 

Ashan Star team will start painting your custom designed home right on the scheduled date and time and on your budget  

Finalize the selection of your color design and feel free to ask for a quote any time


Browse fixtures and features

Browse all modern fixtures, features, color options, and  finishes then select the one you like the most

Schedule a date for start 


Our expert team will paint your home at the Elegant level,

designed %100 on your specifications.

Welcome to your fresh painted home


Our Lates Work

Kitchen Remodeling_edited.jpg

Ready to start?

Choosing Ashan Star Means Insured, Bonded

Always Free Quote 

Excellence Is Our Mission!

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